Rockshox Dust wiper finder

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Rockshox dust wiper sizes are a little tricky ;) In some models, they vary by year and/or boost or non-boost spacing ... 

First, determine stanchion diameter 

32mm // Argyle, Bluto, Reba, Revelation (Older models), Recon, XC32, RS1, Sektor, Tora

35mm // Boxxer, Pike, Lyrik, Yari, Revelation (Newer models), 35 Gold

38mm // Zeb

Now determine seal type (Flanged or Flangeless)

Flanged looks like this :


And flangeless looks like this:



Yari, Pike, Lyrik, 35 Gold, Revelation 35 are 35 Flangeless

Boxxers, older models are flanged, newer models are flangeless

Recon, Sektor, Sid, Reba, can be either flanged or non, according to year

Bluto and RS1 are flangeless



Kit includes:

- Low friction dust wipers

- S4 lower leg fluid 

- 15 Gr Slickoleum grease

- Foam rings

- Crush washers

- S4 seal press

- 10ml Syringe