Spring calculator

Spring calculator

Thanks for using the spring calculator!

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Here's what you should know :

Spring calculating is not a perfect science... Your riding style, the weight of the bike itself (Ex: e-bike), and other variables can influence spring rate. This tool is here to help you find a starting point. We cannot promise you accurate results ;)

RIDER WEIGHT : Take into account your fully kitted weight, backpack, energy bar and all !

SHOCK STROKE : This will be the second number in your shock size. For example, a 230X65 shock has a 65mm stroke. * Make sure to use that number and not the coil's stroke

WHEEL TRAVEL : This is the travel of the REAR wheel of your bike (It's the travel of your frame)

SAG : Your bike manufacturer should give you the optimal SAG for your bike. When in doubt, usually enduro will be around 25-28% and DH 30-35%.

We recommend choosing the next spring rate up from the number the calculator will give you ;)

Now choose your spring !