Meet the team

GUILLAUME / The f*cker in charge

From his garage in 2007 to now, he has gone a long way with the foundation of S4. He is hands on in the service departement to make sure everything is running as smooth as possible.

- Owner


Mimi does everything from customer support to ordering to accouting and even web devellopment. We can say she runs this sh*t

- Owner

MATTHIEU / T-Rex Tardif

Road biker turned mountain biker that likes to live life on two wheels. With his background in project management, he manages the St-Jérome shop and makes sure that the day to day operations go as smooth as possible!

- St-Jerome shop manager

JACOB / Jacques No

Coming from Enduro Racing, he is an all around rider! From managing the Whistler shop in the summer to being in charge of the web devellopment and social media, his job is to keep the stoke alive all the time

- Web guy

STEVE / Papa Bear

Steve Aka Papa Bear has been a bike fanatik his whole life, from riding BMX to MTB, he just loves being on 2 wheels! He Followed a Technical drawing course with the goal of designing and building his own bike but never got to the end of it. He ended up here at S4 to work in the Mountain bike industry and continue his life long passion.

- Suspension Tech

LAURENT / El Guapo

Laurent, Commonly known as Director of Happiness is the Swiss army knife at S4. From suspension service to machining to shipping, he can do it all! When he's not at the shop, you'll find him in the trails riding or trailbuilding and keeping the stoke alive!

- Suspension tech / Machinist


Former freelance photographer / videographer. Always tinkering and fixing stuff. Came to S4 after reaching the limits of wrenching suspension at home. Passionate about riding his MTB as much as possible.

- Suspension tech

ALEXANDRE / Azzolair

As S4's freeride tech, alex can service your powersports and mtb shocks AND throw a backflip on a mountain bike!

- Suspension Tech

ERIC / Eric pas de R

As S4's first employee, Eric is the master of everything at S4. With his background at OGC working on Fox products he knows everything there is to know about the suspension world!

- Suspension Tech

STEVEN / Circus Clown

Coming from a background of professional BMX riding and BMX circus clown, he is an all around cyclist and can shred anything on 2 wheels. He now is the one who packs and ships all your gifts!

- Shipper


Keeping the shop clean, telling the weather in real time and having lunch at 1pm on the dot no matter the circumstances, it's all thanks to the bologna sandwiches!

- Custodian


Eastsider steering the west side ship at S4 whistler. With his previous experience at Vorsprung, there is nothing that can be kept hidden from him in the suspension world!

- Suspension tech

PAVEL / The russian

Snowboard instructor in the winter and suspension tech in the summer, don't be fooled by his grumpy attitude, he's got the skills to save the day!

- Suspension tech

CARLOS / The spanish guy

Our Resident E-biker and all round stellar rider! He can service your shocks on the weekdays and gap trains on the weekend! If you know you know ;)

GAIA / Shop Dog

Moral support shop dog and maroon treat destroyer!

- Shop Dog