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If you're going to service your suspension, you don't have to 
settle for factory settings. Treat your suspension to the S4 upgraded parts. Our "Regular service" includes all these performance upgrades:
Low friction dust wipers / Upgraded seals / S4 100% synthetic oil 
*** We service ALL BRANDS ***

Combined with the know how and experience of the S4 techs you will get the best performance out of your suspension.

Here is how we do this ;)

 Fill a work order

We will need to know all about you and your bike in order to tune your suspension. So now's not the time to lie about your weight ;) If you have any special instructions, make sure to tell us in the Notes section.

Choose a shipping option

Use a Canpar scheduled pick-up - If you pick this option, have your suspension boxed-up and ready to go, the Canpar driver will come and pick it up within 24-48 hours. This is automated,make sure that you are ready when you click ;)

Send it with your own carrier - Feel free to use your prefered carrier

Drop it here - Come and visit us, we’'ll be happy to see you !

 Approve your estimate

Once your suspension is here, we will send you an estimate, or if your suspension can be pimped, different upgrade options ! We cannot send an estimate without seeing your suspension, so send it in and we'll check it out before we do any work.


Boring part ... Now you pay

When your suspension is ready, you receive an invoice by email. Just call us to pay and we ship it back ASAP (We know you're anxious to ride !)

Now go ride !!!

Your pimped up suspension will make you ride like a pro ... Or at least you'll feel like one :)