Manitou MATTOC PRO Limited Edition
Manitou MATTOC PRO Limited Edition
Manitou MATTOC PRO Limited Edition
Manitou MATTOC PRO Limited Edition
Manitou MATTOC PRO Limited Edition

Manitou MATTOC PRO Limited Edition


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Wheel size: 29''

Travel: 140mm

Rake: 44mm

Steerer: 1.5 Tapered

The new Mattoc is the fruit of one of the most profound development cycles in Manitou history. It is the physical embodiment of “great things take time”. It is not an offering that follows the crowd, designed around the latest trend or buzz of the market. Rather, a component that aims to add real value and benefit to the rider. Capable of not only pulling duty in a range of disciplines ranging from XC to light enduro but doing so with zero compromise makes the Mattoc “best-in-class” ! The lightest, stiffest, and most tunable fork over more segments than any of its competitors, the Mattoc PRO is an amazingly versatile product capable of vastly improving your time in the saddle. At 1750 grams it is a featherweight solution given its wide travel range, yet its industry leading stiffness lends it to a performance without rival. Consider also its amazing reliability and you have a fork that does it all and does it amazingly. A true, no-compromise, authentic fork, serving the real needs of the widest range of the mtb public and offering serious performance advantages to each individual one of them, no matter how they choose to ride.

The Dorado Air spring with IRT allows for an extremely lightweight build yet a suspension performance derived from our top-of-the-line DH fork. Compression damping via MC2 Sealed Cartridge with HBO technology and a sealed damper TPC for rebound, and you’ve got yourself an extremely sophisticated piece of suspension technology. Adjustable Air, IRT, Rebound, High and Low Speed compression make for perhaps the most tunable, personalized custom performance suspension solution available on the market. Include all of this technology into an extremely stiff, reliable, 1750 gram package and you have a ride-changing component that is the envy of the industry

• 59 grams decrease from the previous model.
• Over 19% stiffness increase from current 27.5”
160mm to new 27.5” 150mm. 29” Stiffness
increases are higher.
• DoradoTM air allows for internal travel
adjustments with no added parts. New travel
spacers account for negative air volume
change, so the 110mm fork has the same
initial stroke feel as the 150mm.
• Dorado Air spring systems contain a unique
balancing valve that equalizes the positive
and negative air chambers during the air fill
process. This gives the spring rate a consistent
feel without any flat or dead spots in the stroke,
along with giving riders of different weights
the same initial stroke feel. Dorado Air is our
lightest weight air spring technology.
• Infinite Rate TuneTM (IRT) allows for advanced
spring tuning by independently adjusting air
pressures in the beginning and end stroke.
IRT technology creates a secondary positive
air spring that effects only the middle to
end stroke of the fork. This allows the
main air spring to be set to lower pressures
for improved small bump sensitivity while
maintaining mid-stroke support and moderate
to aggressive end-stroke ramp-up.
• Sealed Dampers offer more consistent
damping and lighter break away force,
especially over long descents. Our Damper
uses a bladder system to compensate for
head build up along with a relief valve. Using
both systems give us consistency along with
long service life. Having non adjustable HBO
eases setup for the user.
• TSR (Trail Side Relief) casting bleed screws
allow users to release casting pressure from
the fork. Releasing casting pressure can
improve overall fork feel and small bump

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