DeHy kit (Reverb)
DeHy kit (Reverb)
DeHy kit (Reverb)
DeHy kit (Reverb)

DeHy kit (Reverb)


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Our DeHy B1 Kit allows you to optimize ergonomics and reliability of your Reverb Stealth, by replacing the bulky original hydraulic remote with our wire-actuating Triggy or 2-by Remote. 
  1. If you do not have a front derailleur then you should choose our Triggy remote which sits in place of a regular front derailleur shifter, neatly positioned underneath the handlebar - well protected from impacts due to crash, or when the bike falls over. It provides perfect modulation of return speed, which is controlled by lever push without the need of taking your hands off the bar. The original remote often requires to change grip, when installed above handlebar and provides bad ergonomics. Triggy can not only be installed with our clever "Splits" clamp to the handlebar, but also directly bolts on to SRAM Matchmaker, Magura Shiftmix, Formula Mixmaster or Hope Shifter Mount brake levers to save an extra clamp and clean up you cockpit. Using our optional I-Spec adapters you can mate your Triggy directly with Shimano I-Spec B or I-Spec II brake levers. 
  2. If you are still running your bike with a front derailleur, you should go with our 2-by Remote. This Remote can be either attached to the right or left side of the handlebar for optimal positioning. Featuring our integrated "Splits" clamp you can install the 2-by Remote to the handlebar without te need of taking off your grips or brake levers, since you just snap it over the handlebars. 

DeHy A1/A2 is compatible with all Reverb Stealth versions of model years (MY) 2011-2016. 

DeHy B1 is compatible with all Reverb Stealth versions of the latest Reverb B1 model (model year 2017) . 

Please note, that deliveries of MY 2017 Reverbs (B1 versions) already started in 2016, so you must not go by the date of purchase to determine, which version you have.
You can easily spot which version you have, by a look at your upper tube (stanchion). A1/A2 versions have a completely black stanchion, whereas B1 versions have a golden or silver "ROCKSHOX" logo on the upper tube, right underneath the seatpost´s head (see picture below).  A1/A2 version do not have a logo there.

DeHy complete kit contains:

  • 1x full CNC aluminium DeHy assembly unit for Reverb Stealth 
  • 1x Triggy front feed
  • 1x Splits-clamp oder optional I-Spec Adapter 
  • 1x outer housing 1500mm
  • 1x inner cable 1700mm
  • 2x endcap for outer housing
  • 1x squeeze endcap for inner cable
  • 1x barrel cable clamp for inner wire

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