Shipping from US / International

1. PACKAGE YOUR ITEMS SECURELY - We can't take responsibility for damage that occurs in shipping from you to us (we do however take responsibility for it if it occurs on the way back from us to you). Please make sure your name, contact details and return shipping address are clearly marked on the box or on an included note. Write your work order number clearly on the box 

2. SELECT CARRIER - Do not use FedEx for international shipments. They are not capable of working out what a temporary import is, and they are also not capable of telling us whether there will be import duties at the the time of delivery, which slows things down by weeks. Items shipped to us via FedEx will not be accepted for delivery at the door. Most couriers are acceptable (UPS, PUROLATOR), as is the postal service (Canada Post, USPS etc).

3. PACKAGE INSTRUCTIONS - Please make sure the package is clearly marked with "TEMPORARY IMPORT FOR WARRANTY/REPAIR/RETURN", not as "merchandise" or "sale of goods". Depending on the carrier, there may be a tick box on the shipping label, or you may have to write it somewhere in a "Reason for Import" box. If in doubt as to where to specify this, ask your shipping carrier.

4. DECLARE COMMERCIAL VALUE AT 0 OR $1 - Please ensure commercial value is listed at zero (or $1 if your carrier will not accept a zero value). If these instructions are not followed, we will get hit with import duties which we will have to pass on to you.

5. INSURANCE - Insurance is optional, but please double check with your carrier that the insured value is not interpreted as the commercial value. As a general rule we don't recommend insuring the items for this reason, but it is your choice - once again, we cannot take responsibility for anything damaged in transit to us. It is also worth noting that most shipping companies' version of "insurance" covers virtually nothing.

Please put your name and WORK ORDER number clearly on the outside of the box.