Full suspension rebuild

Every 100 hours, or at least every season, your suspensions needs a lot of love ! (See here for maintenance schedule)

Here's what happens in a full rebuild

  • Overall inspection
  • Complete teardown
  • Thorough cleaning and inspection of all internal parts
  • All factory joints replaced with S4 factory seals 
  • All joints are installed and lubed with NLJI2 grease
  • Bushings adjustment
  • Surfacing of piston surfaces
  • Simple adjustment of compression and rebound valving according to ride weight and style
  • Installation of low friction dust wiper, your choice of Racing Bros or SKF
  • Full reassembly of the suspension
  • Adjusting the oil viscosity and volume according to the manufacturer's specifications with S4 Hydrauflow 100% synthetic lubricants.
  • Bleed with vacuum system for a perfect damper performance
  • Nitrogen charge 
  • Complete hand dyno testing of functions of the suspension by the technician
  • Installation of the blue o-ring SAG indicator
  • S4 stamp and S4 sticker applied certifying a factory warranty on parts and 3 months warranty on labor