Rock Shox Reverb 1X remote upgrade

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Boom! Finally, RockShox gives us a Reverb remote upgrade for bikes with 1x drivetrains. The all-new Reverb remote pairs the superior ergonomics of SRAM's shifter design with low-lever-force hydraulic actuation to create the world's best dropper-post remote. Its excellent ergonomics and light touch mean that riders of all ability levels can use their Reverb posts quicker, more easily and more often, for better ride control everywhere on the trail. And the new Reverb 1x Remote's Bleeding Edge fitting ensures that the periodic maintenance needed for optimum performance is about as hassle-free as working the remote itself.


  • New Reverb lever takes the place of your left hand shifter
  • Tried and true SRAM shifter ergonomics
  • Light touch actuation
  • SRAM Bleeding Edge compatible