Fox DHX (2022)

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Answering the call of riders seeking the ultimate in plush suspension, the new DHX brings coil-sprung, magic-carpet, trail smoothing performance in a wide range of configurations to the trails and beyond.

Metric 210 x 50 / 210 x 52.5 / 210 x 55 / 230 x 57.5 / 230 x 60 / 230 x 65
Independent 2 Position Open/Firm Lever
Low Speed Rebound – 16 Clicks
Low Speed Compression – 11 Clicks
Coil spring preload - (new detents on spring collar)
Shaft Coating Chromoly - Ultra-low friction, highly durable damper shaft finish
VVC Rebound Yes
Detents on spring collar Yes
ALL-NEW chassis and damper
High-flow main piston
Numbered Tool-free 12 position single-turn LSC (Low Speed Compression) adjuster
Independent firm mode circuit – 2 position adjuster
Optimized reservoir lengths per shock size
Hydraulic top out feature
Reduced damper noise
MCU bottom out bumper
Single-turn rebound adjuster with a variety of access modes (Tool-free, 3mm hex (direct access), 2mm hex or similar (side access)
Spring preload collar with detents and max / min number of clicks and direction arrow
Full diameter spring retainer with wire ring (like DHX2)
Spring scuff guard on body (like DHX2)