FOX 32 AX (2022)

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With a FLOAT EVOL air spring and on-the-fly compression adjustability, 32 AX delivers just enough tunable travel to take the edge off of wherever your gravel adventures may lead you.

700c Wheel

50mm travel 

45mm rake

12X100 axle 

In its fourth generation, our patented FIT4 closed cartridge system provides three on-the-fly compression damping positions—Open, Medium, and Firm—to adapt to varying trail conditions.

Factory Series forks feature an additional 22 clicks of low-speed compression adjust in the Open mode, allowing riders to fine-tune their exact damping preferences.

Three on-the-fly compression damping positions Open, Medium, Firm
Additional low-speed compression (Open mode adjust) 22 clicks
Low-speed rebound 10 clicks
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