RockShox Lower Legs service kit (DIY)

S4-LOWERLEGKIT-RS + RS-00.4318.045.000
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Rockshox dust wipers are a bit complex ;) For certain models, the type vary depending of the year and/or if it's boost or not.

First, measure the diameter of your stanchions

32mm // Argyle, Bluto, Reba, Revelation (Older models), Recon, XC32, RS1, Sektor, Tora

35mm // Boxxer, Pike, Lyrik, Yari, Revelation (New models), 35 Gold

38mm // Zeb

Then, determine the Dust-wiper type (Flanged or Flangeless)


Flanged look like this:


Flangeless look like this:



Yari, Pike, Lyrik, 35 Gold, Revelation 35 are 35mm Flangeless

Boxxers, older models are Flanged, newer models are Flangeless

Bluto and RS1 are Flangeless 

Recon, Sektor, Sid, Reba, can be Flanged or Flangeless depending of the year


 The 50hrs service kit include:

-Low friction dust wipers

-S4 Platine fork oil (125cc or 250cc depending of the fork)

-S4 Suspension grease

- Foam rings

- Spare rings

- S4 Dust wiper press tool

- 10ml Syringe