2-BY remote

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2-By is our standard remote for REVIVE, if you are running a bike with a front derailler, when you can not use our Triggy. It also features our clever "Splits"-clamp, that allows snapping your remote onto your handlebars, without having to take off grips or brake levers.

The clamp is made from a compound of pastic with a heat treated stainless steel band which allows for scure clamping forces. The paddle itself is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, black anodized and finished with a black anodized BikeYoke logo.

Alowing a maximum of 10mm cable pull, 2-By can also be used with most of other dropper posts on the market. Just make sure, that your post requires leass, or up to 10mm of cable pull to fully activate it, such as:

  • Kindshock LEV, LEV Integra, Supernatural
  • Race Face Turbine
  • 9Point8 Fall Line
  • Easton Haven
  • Specialized Command Post
  • X-Fusion Hilo SL
  • Thomson Elite (old version)
  • Canyon Strive Shapeshifter
  • BikeYoke REVIVE